Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education

  • 12.01.2015


The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education (BACE) program focuses on equipping students with personal integrity and integration of theoretical and practical learning specially designed for educational effectiveness and profession. The purpose of the degree Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education is to equip persons for competent leadership in the educational ministries of the church, and the school, to the end that God would be glorified. This degree is designed to explore faith, to understand human lives, and to choose from a variety of ministry career choices. The courses are designed to aid students to equip themselves with the academic preparation and skills necessary to a deeper and more informed service and ministry to the Church and to the world. Especially, this degree is to serve the immigrant church by which students will be approached to study about the immigrant context and understood the Christian education in multicultural environment.


The students of the BACE program will be prepared to:

1. Utilize the deep knowledge about4. Reflect critically their immigrant church
3. Reflect critically their lives in the light of theological knowledge and the biblical understanding.
2. Interpret the various theological discourses and hermeneutics to the given contextual sites through teaching, preaching, and writing.
the Bible and its historical and cultural background in their ministries and their personal lives.

analyze about the multi-cultural church and the multi-generational church to apply students' learned methods.

Program Requirements

The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education degree program requires 126 credit hours plus IR (WS305 Institutional Requirement) is required while enrolled for graduation. The curriculum includes 45 credit hours in general education course, 81 credit hours in the major coursework, and IR credits for total semester enrolled until graduation. A full-time student following the course sequencing provided will be able to complete the program in eight semesters or four years.

The curriculum is available in the catalog on page 79, you can download it here