Master of Divinity

  • 12.01.2015


The purpose of the Master of Divinity (MDiv) program is to prepare students for ordained ministry in the church of Jesus Christ. This program is designed to provide professional training for church-related ministry, and to give its graduates a professional understanding of the church and its ministries in the contemporary world. The curriculum of the program educates and trains dedicated Christians who seek to serve as ordained ministers, evangelists, missionaries, and other ministry leaders.


Graduates of the Master of Divinity will be prepared to:

1. understand the Bible in the light of its introduction, history, and cultural background apply
2. apply a knowledge of the Church’s historical and theological teaching as an important resource in their ministry
3. communicate theological issues through preaching and counseling skills
4. be effective and skilled leaders in ministry
5. exhibit a Christian character in their personal and professional lives.

Components and Requirements:

1. Course Requirement

The program requires a total of 96 semester hours (30 Courses – 90 credits, plus Final Project/thesis – 6 credits) for graduation. MDiv students must also maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or higher to be eligible for graduation with no more than 3 courses completed with a grade of "C-" or below.

2. Course Distribution

The courses of the program comprise four fields in which specialization may be selected: religious heritage, cultural context, personal and spiritual formation, and capacity for ministerial and public leadership. MDiv students must complete four courses (12 credits) in School Core, thirteen courses (39 credits) in MDiv Core, a Final Project/Thesis (6 credits), and thirteen courses (39 credits) of Electives.

3. Biblical Language Requirement

Students who are enrolled in the MDiv program are required to take two Biblical language courses (LAN511 Biblical Greek and LAN521 Biblical Hebrew)..

4. Final Project/Thesis

Students will write a thesis or a project as a part of graduation requirements, in which they will examine the implications and possibilities of theological study for future ministry or for life-enrichment. A Project/Thesis Seminar will be provided for each candidate in their second year, with faculty members to help and guide the candidate to complete his or her project/thesis. A tutorial for writing the thesis will be held in informal arrangement with a faculty member; the faculty member meeting the student as needed to offer guidance and criticism. The spring term Thesis Tutorial is pro forma, allowing the candidate to complete the final form of the thesis/project for presentation to the Thesis Committee.

5. Institutional Requirement

GCU requires all students to attend WS501 Institutional Requirement (chapel) every semester through graduation. Students will receive a Pass/Fail grade on Institutional Requirement.

6. Bible Reading Requirement

MDiv students must know and understand the Bible, therefore they are required to read the entire Bible at least three times before graduation. Students will fill out a Reading Completion Form and submit it to their faculty advisor or the Dean of the School. Students will receive a Pass/Fail grade on Bible Reading Requirement.

The curriculum is available in the catalog on page 180, you can download it here