Master of Business Administration(MBA)

  • 12.01.2015


The primary purpose of GCU’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is to provide training for students interested in understanding the working nature of business in a competitive environment. In accordance with GCU’s Mission Statement, it also promotes a Christian worldview and the Christian consciousness of its students, academically and professionally preparing them for social responsibility and dedication to the advancement of God’s kingdom. Courses in the MBA program integrate theories and practices from various disciplines, including University Core, accounting, economics, finance, marketing, production operations, and strategic management. The objective of this program is to develop students into broadly-educated business managers and executives who understand the nature of business as a whole, with tools and techniques applicable to a wide variety of business situations.
The capstone project for the MBA program gives students the chance to integrate all of the theories, skills, and tools studied during the program in a learning experience that highlights the nature of competition and the kind of strategic maneuvering that must be done in order to succeed.

Students can choose from the following concentrations:

  • MBA with a concentration in Finance

  • MBA with a concentration in International Business

  • MBA with a concentration in Marketing

  • MBA with a concentration in Human Resource Management



The students of Master of Business Administration (MBA) will

  • demonstrate foundational knowledge in each of the primary functional areas of business.

  • be able to solve semi-structured business problems.

  • be able to solve unstructured business problems

Components and requirements:

1. Course Requirement

The degree program requires satisfactory completion of 27 credit hours of the MBA curriculum and 9 credit hours of graduate electives for a total of 36 credit hours plus WS501Institutional Requirement per each semester. Students with non-business undergraduate degrees must complete 12 additional pre-MBA credit hours before selecting their MBA curriculum course sequence.

Pre-MBA Courses (12 credit hours) include:

  • Accounting Principles

  • Basic Finance

  • Fundamentals of Marketing

  • Principles of Management

2. Institutional Requirement

GCU requires all students to attend WS501 Institutional Requirement (chapel) every semester through graduation. Students will receive a Pass/Fail grade on Institutional Requirement.

The curriculum is available in the catalog on page 184, you can download it here